7 Wrestling Gimmicks WWE Should Recycle

1% of the time, it works every time.

Very little in wrestling is novel.

Take James Ellsworth. The elevated jobber trope is a classic wrestling staple, which WWE has previously used to stellar effect with the improbable rise of Barry Horowitz in the mid-nineties. Tyler Breeze is currently channelling Rick Martel and the Narcissist (albeit with zero support from the creative team). Braun Strowman is the latest towering monster to emerge from the production line of WWE's patented monster factory.

More glorious wrestling templates are ripe for reissue. On this week's RAW, Seth Rollins referred to Chris Jericho as "Sparklecrotch", positioning him as the umpteenth talent to adopt John Cena's unfunny diss merchant shtick. It is a derivative, counterproductive and illogical development. Shockingly, given that the same RAW staffer probably penned that line, he is now tonally identical to Dean Ambrose - the man who just months ago was his diametric opposite.

To put an end to the monotony, WWE should, as my man Jim Cornette via Kenny Bolin puts it, "fire the f*ckin' writers!" But, since that it is never going to happen, let's instead daydream over the glorious traditions WWE would be well advised to exhume...

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