7 WWE Booking Steps To Save Tyler Breeze

He's a gorgeous diamond in the rough.


'Prince Pretty' has a rather impressive list of accomplishments to his name from his time in Florida Championship Wrestling and NXT, but you'd be forgiven for thinking little more of him than a petty jobber. Yet, the man behind Tyler Breeze has all the potential to be a legitimate competitor in WWE.

At Full Sail, he reinvented himself into an undeniably entertaining character. Many surpassed him as he waited in the wings, but the pop for Breeze upon his full-time arrival to main roster in late 2015 showed promise. Despite his spectacular losing streak at the start of this year, he re-applied himself to the team of Breezango, a notable guilty pleasure of SmackDown's tag division.

So what's next for Tyler Breeze? In a New Era where overly-comical caricatures seem to slip between the cracks, there's something about his character that refuses to be ignored. The blatant narcissism adorned by the modern totem of the selfie stick give Breeze an incomparable charm, and he can overcome the disconnect and become a serious threat, if given the chance.

Forget the abysmal love squares, and regrettably, the cop uniforms. Here's 7 booking steps to save Tyler Breeze.

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