7 WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 Impulse Reactions

Two out of three ain't bad as Hell In A Cell's reputation is salvaged by a pair of SmackDown epics.


WWE were back on their bullsh*t ahead of this year's Hell In A Cell.

Resembling a TNA Lockdown card rather than the company's annual Cell supershow, the go-home week got as far as Friday morning and 75% of the entire announced card was set to take place inside that insane red structure.

Three cell matches taking place on the October card is sadly nothing new, but the issue stuck out with only Jeff Hardy and Elias set to fill the rest of the time. WWE have been praised for scaling back the sprawling pay-per-view runtimes in 2020, but the prospect of all three Championship matches going the better part of an hour just to fill the time felt about as welcoming as the prospect of watching the 2018 and 2019 main events back to back.

This card, frustratingly, required filler.

And oh how WWE found it. But how would this play into the show? Did R-Truth know he was set to take on Drew Gulak on the pre-show before it was announced on Twitter earlier that day? Could Bobby Lashley have been any more prepared for Slapjack even if they didn't know the match was happening until Mustafa Ali laid out the challenge on the Kickoff? The less said about Miz and Otis' road to Hell In A Cell, the better.

More importantly, after strong showings for SummerSlam, Payback and Clash Of Champions, could these short notice stars form part of yet another pay-per-view pleasant surprise?

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