7 Year WWE Veteran Works FIRST EVER Singles Match On WWE SmackDown

Friday's SmackDown was randomly special for this often-forgotten WWE star.

Dragon Lee Cedric Alexander

Cedric Alexander's cameo loss to main roster newcomer Dragon Lee was his first ever singles match on WWE SmackDown.

The former Hurt Business member has worked extensively on shows like Raw, NXT and 205 Live in the past, but he's never really been booked much on the blue brand. Friday night changed that. Previously, Cedric's only excursions to SmackDown happened because he was needed to pad out a few Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royals.


However, this week's SmackDown marked the first time Alexander has ever gone one-on-one with any wrestler on an episode of the show. Given he joined WWE back in 2016 and has flitted between mini-pushes and a glorified enhancement talent role, that's pretty crazy.

Creative drafted Cedric (who is designated as a "free agent" and can appear anywhere he likes post-2023 Draft) in for this Lee match with a specific goal in mind. He was there to make Dragon look good and ultimately stare at the lights for him.


Will this lead to more singles shots on SmackDown for Alexander? Only time will tell, but let's hope he isn't waiting another seven years!


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