8 Best Bromances In MMA History

These guys are as close as you can be in a solo sport.

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In a sport where fighters can count only on their skills and toughness to find success, it's not hard to see why MMA can sometimes be characterised as individualistic, particularly in the pursuit of championship gold.

One only needs to look at the relationship between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans to see just how hard it can be to maintain a friendship in a sport where selfishness is a necessity to achieve success at the elite level. Evans had been something of a mentor to Jones, and one of his main training partners at Jacksons MMA in Albuquerque. But that all changed when Evans was forced to pull out of his fight with Shogun Rua due to an injury and Jones stepped in to take his place, evaporating the goodwill and leaving the pair on a collision course that wasn't resolved until they fought at UFC 145, where Jones won a unanimous decision.

However, despite all this, and to mark Valentine's Day we have decided to focus on some of the enduring friendships that have been forged out of the extreme pressure involved in training to be a professional fighter, with some having evolved into full-blown bromances.

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