8 Biggest Problems Facing NXT Right Now

Are there problems on the horizon for WWE's golden child?

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As the smoke clears and the dust settles on another WrestleMania, the landscape of World Wrestling Entertainment is a fairly unsettled one. Despite the questions that the big show may have brought us, one thing is for sure; it is all steam ahead for NXT. The latest TakeOver special event was arguably the best yet, and it seems that the momentum truly is with the yellow brand.

The quality of NXT and its position as the most consistent brand of professional wrestling under the WWE umbrella is no secret. In many ways, NXT is the acceptable face of WWE wrestling, a throwback to a simpler time where what happened in the ring was the focus and treated as though it matters.

If there is the one thing I've learnt from two decades of watching WWE-produced wrestling, it is that nothing great can last forever. Heck, nothing great ever lasts as long as NXT's run of quality has. There are bumps in the future for NXT, this cannot be ignored. What are they? Well, that is for me to identify.

Up to this point, NXT has been well-protected and well put together, enough to believe that all of these potential bumps can be avoided. But of course, this is the crazy world of professional wrestling, where bumps are mandatory...


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