8 Disturbing WWE Raw Moments You Totally Don't Remember

Nearly 1200 episodes and over 23 years: the weird, creepy and just plain wrong moments that slipped under the radar.

Pro wrestling tends to attract weird storylines as a matter of course, on a par with Spanish telenovelas and English sitcoms. This is, after all, a good versus evil narrative where men and women pretend to beat the everloving crap out of one another while wearing, at best, their workout gear, and at worst, their underwear.

Monday Night RAW, the WWE's flagship television show, has had more than its fair share of messed up moments over the years, and many of them are so infamous that they form part of the Thou Shalt Not... commandments for putting together a wrestling angle. We're talking about necrophilia, incest, occult rituals and brainwashing, the exploitation of the recently deceased, stalker angles, murdered pets, the cheerful abuse of geriatric wrestling legends, and the referencing of terrorist atrocity, amongst many other things.

But there are those moments, those storylines and matches which are just as disturbing as the WWE WTF Greatest Hits Collection but which have managed to sneak in under the radar and remain relatively obscure. For every Muhammad Hassan, there's a Kerwin White. For every Katie Vick, there's a Nurse Slobber-Knockers (and you can thank your lucky stars if you don't remember that reference). These are the most disturbing moments from Monday Night RAW that you've almost certainly forgotten about... which can only be a mercy.

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