8 Embarrassing WWE Imposters

I'm seeing double here! Four Doinks!

Jim Ross Fake Razor Ramon
"Hey yo, it's the bad guy!"

Or maybe not. Rick Bognar, the man best remembered for playing the Fake Razor Ramon, has sadly passed away at the age of 49. It's perhaps a little tragic that his lasting legacy is as a cut-prize Scott Hall, forced into the purple trunks after the real McCoy's WCW departure in 1996, but such was the folly of WWE's idiotic ploy that his career would be forever tainted by it.

At least he wasn't the only man saddled with a lame lookalike gig. Wrestling doesn't have a great history when it comes to presenting imposters. The idea is inherently naff to begin with, but the execution is usually even worse than the idea itself. Wrestling fans aren't stupid and, if you present something stupid to them (like a patently fake-looking Undertaker), then they're going to turn on it.

WWE clearly hasn't learnt from their mistakes, and the doppelganger continues to be a frequent trope in the company, most recently glimpsed when Daniel Bryan introduced an Erick Rowan lookalike as his answer to Roman Reigns' attempted murder.

At the very least, that angle carried an air of subtletry; Reigns was supposed to know he was being bantered off (well, probably). That wasn't the case on these occasions when hey, we were seeing double here.


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