8 Exact Moments WWE Fans Turned On Popular Wrestlers

If you look closely, you can pinpoint the exact moment their hearts break.

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At Fastlane 2019, WWE didn't exactly throw (the then-Mustafa) Ali under the bus, but they did give him a huge shove in the general direction of the road as a double-decker was approaching. There was, after all, a faint chance the metaphorical mass transit motor would miss him.

It didn't. It smacked him right in his figurative forehead.

At the tail end of 2018, Ali's unexpected push as an underdog adversary for Daniel Bryan had marked him as one of the breakout babyfaces of the year. A bolt from the blue, fans were completely behind a man who had been mired on 205 Live just months earlier as he unbelievably prepared for a WWE Championship tilt at Elimination Chamber.

And then fate intervened. An injury eliminated Ali from the chamber, and he was replaced by Kofi Kingston. The New Day veteran's performance was such on the night that Ali wasn't just replaced, he was displaced.

So when WWE bait-and-switched Ali as the third participant of Fastlane's triple dance, he was not welcomed warmly. During the closing stages of the title match, a man with universal support just weeks prior was booed.

And there was absolutely nothing Ali could have done about it. At least he can take solace that he's in good company...

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Editorial Team

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