8 Hidden Meanings Behind WWE Extreme Rules Attires 2019

Philadelphia Fashion Week for Lacey Evans, Drew Gulak and Seth Rollins...


Another month, another eye-catching array of attires from a selection of talent that could well be cycled out of the storylines in the next month or so.

Extreme Rules 2019 was the line in the sand - Monday and Tuesday following the event will mark the start of the Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff eras of Raw and SmackDown Live as the pair take over as Executive Directors, with new and daring creative hoped for as part of their surprising arrivals. If this was to mark the end of the existing era, there were at least a few notable Superstars that wanted to go out in style.

God bless the usual suspects (and some unusual ones) for their sartorial choices at Extreme Rules - it wasn't exactly the most fashionable show to be spending money on, not least with SummerSlam just around the corner for some of them, but fair play to every talent that tried to make their outfits memorable on a show that may not have been.

The fact that the event turned out so well karmically vindicates those that did invest their time and finances in some fine Philadelphia threads...


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