8 HUGE WWE Hell In A Cell 2021 Predictions You Need To Know

7. Bianca Belair (c) Vs. Bayley

Rey Mysterio Dominik Mysterio

This build to this match has been no laughing matter, and if you don't want the obvious jokes then stop saying SmackDown is the good WWE show when currently it's (at best) the lesser of two evils.

That these two have already wrestled on pay-per-view sadly doesn't matter because it never does. 'The Role Model' lost, but the blue brand's women's division has been so drastically decimated that there was nobody else of note for Belair to face until they'd dragged the a*se out of this combination one last time.

Bayley's laugh being beamed onto the ThunderDome was one of the worst segments from this whole torrid time and a reminder when one wasn't needed that the sooner they're out of that building the better. Belair's been made to look like something of a passenger for the second angle in a row too, which doesn't exactly bode well for whatever happens when she leaves the orbit of both Bayley and former champion Sasha Banks.

An inclusion of 'The Boss' here perhaps opens up a path to a SummerSlam rematch, but 'The EST' could do with the cleanEST of wins here to wrap this sorry story up for good.

Winner - Bianca Belair

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