8 Last-Minute Predictions For WWE Clash Of Champions 2017

A deceptively exciting show.

Clash of Champions may look less like a WWE pay-per-view than it does a SmackDown house show, but in some ways that, in itself, makes it worth watching.

The announced match-card - consisting of six full-show bouts (one of which is Breezango versus The Bludgeon Brothers) - looks so threadbare on paper that you can't help but feel the company simply must have something shocking up its sleeve.

What exactly that will be, we can't be entirely sure - although anyone who has watched wrestling for more than a couple of months will know that special guest referees - of which there are two at COC - seldom make it from bell to another without throwing a punch.

On the under-card, meanwhile, you've got the WWE Championship bout between AJ Styles and Jinder Mahal, a match that seems too bland and nondescript for things to go exactly how most of the bookmakers are expecting.

We're not saying Network newbies should cash in their free trial for this of all shows, but at the very least, there's cause to check the results on Monday morning.