8 Legendary Tales Of Badassery From Steve Austin And Ric Flair

Two of the all-time greats discuss some of the toughest men in the business.

With the proliferation of wrestler-hosted podcasts, the shows can be broken down into two separate styles. You have shows like Talk Is Jericho and The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana which feature a more structured interview style, and then you have JR€™s Ross Report and Ric Flair€™s Wooooo! Nation which are less-structured and more free-flowing with the host usually doing far more talking than the guest. €œThe Nature Boy€, in particular, can be known to go off the rails from time to time, and if it wasn€™t for his co-host, Conrad, the show would likely devolve into a disorganised mess. But that€™s the beauty of it. Flair€™s podcasts are one long promo featuring stories from the insane life of one of the greatest to ever lace up the boots. Recently, the 16-time world champion sat down with the man who calls him his all-time favorite wrestler, €œStone Cold€ Steve Austin, for a session that featured plenty of off-the-cuff discussion about a number of topics, chief among them some legendary tales involving a few of wrestling€™s most notorious badasses. Here€™s a few of those stories for your reading pleasure. Warning: The following entries contain massive amounts of testosterone.

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