8 Most Memorable WWE Father/Son Moments

A big hand for Mark Henry on Father's Day.


Wrestling's a family business, or so they say. Many of the most esteemed superstars to ever tread the canvassed boards did so in the boots of their fathers, as greatness - or in the case of Carmella, mediocrity - passed from generation to generation.

Bret Hart. The Rock. Curt Hennig. Bo Dallas. They all grew up in homes with as much spandex in the drawers as socks, and fathers as likely to put them through some stretches as they were to take them out for softball. With so much exposure to once-closed business, it was inevitable so many would head into it themselves.

There's no hiding from it: nepotism works, and so it's no surprise that we've seen a slew given the familial leg-up before our very eyes. Fritz Von Erich's WCCW was built on the back of his sons - and briefly, his fake nephew. Jeff Jarrett would probably be knocking on the door of Country FM if not for his father. And as for David Sammartino - well, let's just say the apple fell far from the tree.

Oddly, with so much related blood spilling on the canvas, some of the best father/son moments in wrestling have been entirely fabricated. Celebrate Father's Day with us as we look back on some of them.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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