8 Most Underrated Heels In Wrestling Today

Villains, rogues, rascals, and scoundrels - these wrestlers have chosen to embrace the hate.

When looking at the landscape of professional wrestling in 2019, it really is a fine art to be a truly all-in villain.

As audiences continue to levitate towards the bad guys and girls, it's harder and harder for a wrestler to be purposely hated and despised. Sure, Seth Rollins is getting monster heat these days, but, well, that's more an indication of WWE's creative and Rollins' boneheaded use of social media.

For a heel to be truly vilified, to get nothing but boos, to avoid the cool villain role, is a tough gig to fully embrace and master. That's not to say it's impossible. It could be argued that the greatest heels in the business right now are Chris Jericho, MJF, and, dare it be said, Baron Corbin. Even then, Jericho and MJF still manage to garner the cool pop and cheers at times.

Taking a step back from the obvious big-time rogues, the wrestling world does have some fantastic 'baddies' getting up to all sorts of no-good antics. It's just that those stars may not be particularly appreciated as heels on a major level right now.

On that train of thought, then, here are eight of the most underrated heels in the wrestling industry today.

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