8 Most Underrated Talkers In Wrestling Today

Because not every great talker has to drop a pipebomb or sup a little bit of the bubbly.


In the world of professional wrestling, it's often the case that what a talent says on the mic is just as important as what they do in the squared circle. Being able to wrestle circles around an opponent is great, but you're in trouble if you're not able to deliver the goods when it comes to talking a good game, too.

Whichever wrestling company you're a fan of, there are some incredibly special talkers littered across the wrestling industry these days. But then, that's so often been the case for this most entertaining of professions.

If you pick a year in wrestling and hone in on it, you'll easily be able to pinpoint who the very best talkers of that day were. Nowadays, in a 2019 sense, you can easily pinpoint Chris Jericho, Paul Heyman, Adam Cole (Bay Bay...), Daniel Bryan, and Jon Moxley as just a handful of examples of modern-day great promos.

Nobody would disagree that the five names mentioned there are at the top of their game when it comes to mic work, yet there are those other talkers out there who are brilliant at what they do, yet who are often overlooked when discussing the great speakers of today.

Here, there are eight such names whose verbal skills are vastly underrated by the wrestling masses.

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