8 Police Officers Called To GCW Outlaw Mudshow Following Violent Main Event

Nick Gage vs. Mance Warner got too real for Laramie police this weekend...

GCW raid

A Game Changer Wrestling event headlined by Nick Gage vs. Mance Warner was visited by police officers this weekend, with Joey Janela claiming the cops thought Gage vs. Warner was real.

Fighting at the Outlaw Mudshow event at Laramie, Wyoming's Albany County Fairgrounds on Saturday, 19 June, Gage and Warner got crazy, brawling across the building, spilling blood, and utilising a flaming door. Janela, who was doing commentary for the show, posted the following clip of the police speaking with Warner:-

The AEW wrestler posted another video of cop cars seemingly passing by a bar the wrestlers had headed to after the show, doing so "every three minutes", a couple of hours later:-


Here's an example of how violent the match got:-


Janela claimed that somebody inside Albany Country Fairgrounds mistook Gage vs. Warner for a real fight, hence why they called the police. Fortunately, it doesn't look like the situation escalated beyond what was captured by Janela above.

GCW has risen to prominence as one of America's biggest independent promotions over the past few years. Styling themselves as 'The Last Outlaws,' the group is known for its rowdy, envelope-pushing shows, often revolving around deathmatches and hardcore wrestling.

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