8 Real Reactions Of WCW Wrestlers Being Punished On Air

7. Regal Teaches Goldberg A Lesson

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On the 9 February 1998 edition of Monday Nitro, the technically proficient and legitimately tough William Regal decided - if you believe his opponent's version of events - to teach greenhorn Goldberg a lesson. Allegedly miffed by Big Bill's rapid ascent in spite of his complete lack of wrestling acumen, Regal punished the rookie's impertinence by subjecting him to a wrestling clinic he had absolutely no hope of keeping pace with.

According to Regal, he was simply told to go out there and put on a "competitive match". To this point, Goldberg had only featured in decisive squashes lasting less time than it takes to boil the kettle. He was very obviously ill-prepared for a proper wrestling contest, against one of the company's most sophisticated technicians, no less. This much should and almost certainly would have been apparent to Lord William.

Goldberg looks utterly flummoxed as Regal wrestles rings around him, but to be fair to the neophyte, he takes his humiliation on the chin - quite literally at one point, when he's booted in it. Nevertheless, he manages to put the Blue Blood away in usual - if elongated - fashion, and just about maintains his composure.

Ironically, Regal would be punished himself for his attempts to smarten Goldberg up; WCW let him go shortly after his on-air embarrassment of their burgeoning star.

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