8 Real WWE Fights That Surpassed Anything You Saw In The Ring

Unscripted animosity is the best kind of animosity.

Big, strong guys who get paid for a living to "pretend" to beat the living hell out of each other aren't always the most calm and collected people behind the scenes. Go figure. If all of the stories of wrestlers getting into fistfights behind the scenes tells us anything, it's that the WWE could become the UFC with only a few, minor tweaks. And at the risk of enduring another Brawl For All, I dare say that it would have been glorious to have cameras on these fights for posterity. If not for the excitement of it all, then at least so we have a permanent record of what actually happened, instead of relying on a bunch of he said/she said from those who were there watching it go down.

But even at a time when shoot promos were a big part of wrestling programs, with real life issues being used to bolster storylines, there was never a time when fans were lucky enough to see a legitimate fist fight between wrestlers. Sure, diligent wrestling fans who knew of these real-life feuds could pay close attention to the in-ring matches, hoping to catch a guy catching a few stiff punches or hearing a few insults that weren't meant to be heard by fans.

But by and large, these were only small scraps compared to what was happening behind the scenes. I guess that makes the tally Professionalism: 1, Fantasy Fulfillment: 0.

Oh well, at least we have the stories to keep us entertained.


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