8 Ridiculous Fines WWE Gave Wrestlers

Sags' gas made Lizzy dizzy - and cost him $7000.


The hardest job in wrestling surely must be the ombudsman of WWE's HR department, though judging by some of their frankly unbelievable practices, they probably don't have one. And if they did, they'd be writing to themselves.

After all, this is a company where all the rules and regulations of professional employment simply don't apply. The disciplinary process is as ad hoc as a typical episode of Raw, with procedures dramatically altering depending on the who, the when, and the why.

It's perfectly possible, for example, to retain your job - and lofty position - despite repeated Wellness Policy failures, yet find yourself collecting rainwater on the naughty step for the unspeakably heinous crime of touching the company's chairman on the shoulder once.

Just this past week, Lars Sullivan effectively became a pro bono pro wrestler, as he basically saw his wages slashed for the next six months in response to a set of hideous online comments. All fair and square right? Well here's the tricky part: his transgression came before he was employed by WWE.

Apparently, they have the power to punish your past mistakes as well as your present ones. It's not their first somewhat ridiculous fine - and given the precedent it sets, definitely won't be the last.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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