8 Suggestions For John Cena's New Sixth Move Of Doom

Your time is up, his time is now... time to bust out a new finisher you CAN see beating someone.

Plenty of wrestlers have a signature moveset and an ending routine to their matches. Hulk Hogan made millions with his, closing out WrestleMania after WrestleMania with the hulk up, the point, the three punches, the big boot, and the legdrop. But John Cena seems particularly stigmatized for his continuing use of the vaunted Five Moves of Doom.

He has tried to augment his moveset in the past. He notably added a nifty-looking roll-through from one AA into another AA in a match against AJ Styles. He occasionally busts out a top rope legdrop in big matches -- though he rarely hits it.

Sadly, his experiments with moves like the hurricanrana, the code red, and the infamous springboard stunner earned him more jeers than cheers, despite the ambitiousness of each. And that's unfortunate, because any wrestler that has had Cena's success and is still willing to keep mixing it up and trying new things in the ring is deserving of our respect as fans.

Now, WWE has posted a video of a fired-up Cena threatening to unleash a Sixth Move of Doom, and the Internet is abuzz with speculation. What would it be? Would it prove to be another stinker, or would it revitalize Cena in an interesting way?

Given just how many finishers there are in WWE today -- between NXT, 205 Live, Raw, and Smackdown, there are dozens we see on a weekly basis -- it would have be something unique and unexpected...

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