8 Things Lucha Underground Did Better Than WWE

The Temple has closed for the time being - here's hoping WWE was taking notes.

Pentagon Jr Lucha Underground
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Lucha Underground is dead, long live Lucha Underground.

So the eulogies may be somewhat premature, but Lucha Underground as we know and love it is gone. The final episode of the show was an absolute barn-burner, with Prince Puma becoming the first two-time Lucha Underground Champion in history before having the title stolen away from him Pentagon Dark. The show ended with Dario Cueto seemingly murdered.

The three seasons of Lucha Underground were utterly unlike anything else the professional wrestling world has seen before. The show was a drama, a grindhouse flick shot in a outer-LA warehouse with death, crime and intrigue a plenty. It was a pro wrestling show at heart though, and the in-ring action was always the main attraction.

Years from now, how will Lucha Underground be remembered? I wager that the positives will outweigh the negatives, and it will become increasingly clear that Lucha Underground did many things far better than WWE. Comparing the two is difficult, but the biggest pro wrestling promotion on the planet would be wise to cast a keen eye at the tapes of The Temple.


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