8 Things That Probably Led To Triple H's WWE Demotion

How the Game got played.


It was reported earlier this week, by Brandon Thurston's extraction of a proxy statement, that Triple H has a new corporate title in WWE: Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development. He has worked in this role since February 2020.

The dissonance between the title and the explanatory copy - the 'Creative' curiously missing from his previous title remained a part of duties in the release - caused some to forecast this as a demotion, a theory strengthened by NXT's failure to arrest AEW's momentum as part of the ongoing Wednesday Night War. Further details have now surfaced in this week's Wrestling Observer, in which Dave Meltzer writes "there are those internally and externally who have called it a quiet demotion".

Paul Levesque's corporate role, to use corporate speak, appears to have been "streamlined", in that his responsibilities are now focused primarily towards the expansion of the NXT brand and selling it to TV stations globally.

This remains hearsay - Thurston, a very intelligent business mind, has exercised caution behind exacerbating a "cynical narrative" until official future communications clarify things - but let's not forget Vince once demoted Stephanie from heading up creative. This isn't remotely unprecedented, close family ties be damned. Vince is ruthless.

It remains unclear whether the new job title formally constitutes a demotion, and its pejorative connotations of failure, but if it is, it's likely the result of...

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