8 Things That Still Make No Sense About AEW

Amongst the hype and praise, there are still elements of AEW that simply aren't clicking.


It's 17 months since All Elite Wrestling was officially formed, just over a year since that first Double or Nothing PPV, and nearly nine months since AEW Dynamite aired its first episode.

For wrestling fans, AEW has been a hugely welcome addition to an industry that had become largely monopolised by the all-encompassing grip of Vince McMahon's WWE. A new wrestling company? Backed by a billionaire? With executive involvement from those with a wrestling background? And the promise of providing a genuine alternative to WWE? This was what we'd all been crying out for.

Across the board, AEW has managed to hit so many home runs throughout its fledgling lifespan. Despite the promotion's numerous successes though, there are still some elements of the AEW product that don't quite make sense or have viewers scratching their head and wondering whether AEW is fully living up to what we all hoped the company would be.

None of these are problems and issues that can't be rectified, of course, yet here are some examples of things that simply don't quite click about the product put on by All Elite Wrestling...

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