8 Things We Learned From Austin Aries On The Ross Report

8. The Dixon-Sexon Connection Made Wrestling Fun


Ross and Aries go over A Double's early days in professional wrestling, in particular issues he may have had thanks to his smaller stature. Aries is fairly honest and candid regarding his opinion on that matter, but that will be looked at in detail later on in the piece.

Aries does say that he took wrestling very seriously initially due to his size, in that he wanted to be considered a main event prospect and as such carried himself as one. It wasn't until a few too many liquors that an idea to change this was born.

Step forward the Dixon-Sexon Connection. Aries played the part of 'Curious' Danny Sexon, one half of an overly sexed tag team with ridiculous moustaches and gratuitous crotch shots. Their finishing move was the delightfully named 'Large Package', a double-team small package which obviously was impossible to use legally.

The ridiculousness of the team showed Aries that wrestling could indeed be fun.


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