8 Things We Learned From WWE Untold: ECW’s 2nd Coming

Alternative title: how Shane McMahon could have saved ECW...

Paul Heyman ECW

The original ECW was a cocaine overdose of alternative pop culture, high spots, pushing the envelope and sleepless nights. To Paul Heyman, it meant everything, and that comes across immediately in WWE's new Untold: ECW's 2nd Coming documentary. Indeed, Paul E talks about the place like it was a loved one suffering from terminal illness that eventually gave up.

In the same 25 minutes, WWE's spinsters decide to put a positive slant on their ill-fated full-time revival of the dead brand in 2006. Surprisingly, they're not totally wrong, and you won't find yourself tut-tutting at the screen or wondering how they could turn disasters like the December To Dismember pay-per-view into a long-term plus.

For every WWE silver cloud, there's admittance that they got things wrong. This, make no mistake, is a story of ultimate regret rather than a claim that everything ran as expected. Talking heads like Heyman, Shane McMahon and Big Show lay the honesty on thick, and it makes for a likeable, almost sympathetic tale.

Here's everything we learned, and every reason why you should take the time to check this hidden gem out on the Network...

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