8 Times Braun Strowman Didn't Look Like A Monster At All

The moments when Adam Scherr and WWE forgot he was supposed to be a giant...


Billed at 6'8" and 385lbs, Braun Strowman is showcased on WWE programming as a relentless, one-man demolition crew, who can manhandle anyone from James Ellsworth to Brock Lesnar. Despite failing to capture the World and Universal Championships, ‘The Monster Among Men’ has been one of the most consistently dominant superstars over the last couple of years.

When it comes to Strowman’s character, WWE goes to great lengths to protect his image as a ruthless giant. Almost every week he pummels main eventers, such as John Cena, or rakes up as much money in property damage as possible by destroying announce tables, production gear, and vehicles. He even picked up a win over the superhuman Roman Reigns before facing injury.

However, his run has been far from perfect. For every handful of times he came off looking strong, there were occasions when ‘The Monster’ also appeared to be a complete goof, whether due to poor creative choices such as making him a party animal or down to something shared from his life outside of the ring worse than his parody of Elf...


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