8 Times Wrestling Carnies Got Out-Carnied

7. The Bash At The Beach 2000 Mess

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When it comes to carnies in this chaotic wrasslin' business, they don't come much more insufferable than the constant source of idiotic booking decisions and worked shoots known as Vince Russo.

But perhaps the silliest thing this former head of WCW creative ever did was attempt to make one of the other biggest carnies in the game Hulk Hogan look foolish live on PPV.

With 'The Hulkster' refusing to drop his WCW World Heavyweight Championship to Jeff Jarrett on the night of Bash at the Beach 2000, the two agreed on a plan where Jarrett would simply lay down and take the 3-count as a work. 

From here, Hogan would take the mic and unleash a worked shoot promo blasting Russo with the words, "That's why this company is in the damn shape it's in; because of bulls**t like this." He'd then wander out of the building with the belt.

However, in a moment that apparently wasn't part of the plan, Russo would then return with his own shoot promo, one that involved him saying fans wouldn't see this "piece of s***" again and referenced Hogan's "creative control" behind-the-scenes.

That's when things got messy.

Not happy with the content of said pipe bomb, Hogan filed a defamation of character lawsuit against Russo and Time Warner - that would later be dismissed - and would never return to WCW programming again, a move that also resulted in the death of the whole New Blood vs. Millionaires' Club angle, too.

What a carny-stuffed mess.

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