8 Times WWE Wrestlers Saved Other Wrestlers From Injury

8. Chris Jericho Saves Jeff Hardy


On a 2009 episode of SmackDown, number-one contender Jeff Hardy squared off against Chris Jericho. If Jericho were to win the match, he'd be added to the World Heavyweight Championship match with Hardy and Edge at that year's Judgment Day pay-per-view.

About seven minutes into the contest, Hardy was gassed. Still, he wanted to get his spots in, so he and Jericho tried to set up his patented "Whisper in the Wind". Seeing that Hardy was moving slowly towards the opposite turnbuckle, Jericho followed close behind. As Hardy's exhausted body crumbled on the top rope, Jericho ran towards him and stuck his hands out, saving him from a hard landing on the back of his head.

Though Hardy ultimately lost to Edge at Judgment Day, he's lucky he didn't lose a lot more than that a few days beforehand. He has Chris Jericho to thank for that.


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