8 Ups & 10 Downs From Last Night's WWE Raw (Apr 22)


10. Is This A Rib?

Robert Roode

Bobby Roode is back... in Robert form!

Except WWE may as well have ditched those two "o's" in his surname for a "u" at the same time, because this feels like a 'Ravishing' rib on 'The Glorious One.'

The moustache is excellent, the promo was solid, and it's about time WWE gave the former NXT Champion a shot as a main roster heel. Regardless, it almost feels like Vince McMahon is taking the p*ss here. "Alright, Bob, you want a fresh start? How about you go out there and make this tribute act work, pal!"

All the best to Mr. Roode, who has always been better at getting heel gimmicks over than babyface bits. He'll go all in on this silly nonsense: the company need to do the same.


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