8 Ups & 3 Downs From AEW Dynamite (16 Oct)

New AAA Tag Champs crowned; Hangman Page cuts the promo of a lifetime; AEW gets messy.


AEW dipped into wrestling's old-school bag of tricks on this week's Dynamite.

Full Gear is on the horizon, so the company went heavy on non-wrestling skits this week. Don't worry, purists - there was a lot of great in-ring action for those who prefer that over promos and skits, but All Elite seemed keen to push major pay-per-view bouts like Hangman Page vs. Kenny Omega too without having both men on screen at once.

If that sounds lame, then again...don't fret. Page arguably shone brighter than he ever has with a microphone in his hands, and other Full Gear matches like Jungle Boy vs. Adam Cole and possibly even MJF vs. Darby Allin got some much-needed hype. Nobody even touched each other either, which only built anticipation for next month.

AEW switched some tag straps on this week's show too; that's what was meant by "old-school bag of tricks". Edge and Christian Cage would've been proud of what FTR did, put it that way. Conversely, they might not have been hot on the lack of logic in tag matches elsewhere.

A typically solid Dynamite, but there were some negatives...

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