8 Wrestlers Being Buried By WWE's Scripted Promos

Which WWE stars are suffering the most from having writers handle their promos?

We are no longer in an era of unscripted WWE promos. The type of freedom that once allowed a p*ssed off Stunning Steve Austin to transform a genius concept birthed in ECW to a full fledged Stone Cold movement in WWF is no longer afforded to the modern wrestler. The mystery remains as to why there aren't nearly as many top babyfaces as there once were. Coincidence, no doubt.

There are a few exceptions to the rule of course. There are some who are afforded the luxury of the final say or in even rarer cases nowadays full control. But this need to "earn it" is causing a lot of wrestlers to never be able to prove their worth to begin with.

But the writing can't be that awful, right? They have so many writers behind the scenes there is bound to be somebody who knows what they are doing. Are scripted promos really hurting the wrestlers that bad?

Yes, person asking me a question while I write. They are terrible. Just listen to Lana's recent brilliant Shakespearean depiction of betrayal and tragedy in the UK. Somebody scripted that for her. This is officially a problem now.

And just like Rusev and Lana (and their all too real marriage), there is a lot to lose for these wrestlers by following the script every week...

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