8 Wrestlers Who Quit On Top

Quit the job before doing the job.


There's a time-honoured and much respected tradition in the wrestling industry that you exit on your back. As an aging star's career reaches its conclusion, they're expected to lie down for the next generation of talent before finally calling it a day, having given something back on their way out.

However, it rarely takes the form of a marquee, torch-passing moment. Tradition holds that you also exit on the bottom, shunted down the card to work the circuit with unproven talent on the rise. By the time the boots are hung up for good, a wrestler's relevance is often already depleted. How many legitimate retirement matches can you remember? Conversely, how many stars of yesteryear can you recall who just gradually dwindled from prominence?

The majority of performers fall into the latter category, their glory days long past as they stare at the lights night after night. The addictive nature of the business means that many end up outstaying their welcome by a considerable margin.

Glittering retirements are scarce. Not many have the privilege of saying goodbye to their adoring fans whilst they still care. But there are some exceptions. And in nearly every case, they inevitably came back.

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