8 Wrestlers Who Saved Their WWE Careers (By Being Awesome At Something Else)

What were they doing BEFORE?

A side-gig or hobby is an intelligent long-term play for any pro wrestler, or at least it was before even the most naff could earn a decent wedge on the newly-banterfied Independent circuit.

Just think: if the Undertaker had fallen out with Vince McMahon and not invested in property, he may in a wonderful alternate universe have appeared on a GCW Spring Break show. He could have delivered a Canadian Destroyer to Marko Stunt, hating himself inside and doing very little to conceal it. Yet another example of capitalism's inherent evil.

But it isn't necessarily a guarantee of success.

Take, for example, Dolph Ziggler's decision to moonlight as a stand-up comic. Just a passion, perhaps, but Ziggler possibly used the medium as an outlet to hone his improvisational mic skills and earn the trust of management to get himself over. This didn't work - saying "It should have been me" about eight million f*cking times breaks comedy's rule of three - but God love him for trying. When a wrestler's career grows stale or is threatened outright, often, a wrestler will gamble on a new look, or a new entrance theme.

Other times, they'll stick to what they know...

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