8 Wrestlers WWE Will Sign In 2024

Triple H has some big time moves to make next year. New WWE stars incoming!


WWE is always on the hunt for wrestlers.

Business never sleeps, which is why Triple H will already have a keen eye on some major signings come 2024. Some may join right at the start of the year during a hectic Royal Rumble-WrestleMania sprint, whilst others will probably sign on the dotted line later in 2024 to make their impact felt during summer (or perhaps even beyond that deeper into the year).

Whilst AEW, the soon to be revamped TNA, New Japan and a few other select alternatives like the NWA or MLW do offer pro wrestlers more options than they've had in a long time, one thing remains true for most: WWE is the place to be. It is, after all, the product countless active workers have grown up watching/dreaming about.

Pretty much everybody wants a "WrestleMania moment" to call their own, and some will surely get it. On that, some involved here have already had one, but nobody should discount the value of re-signing ex-stars for another whirl.

Here's a cracking lineup of predictions for wrestlers Trips and WWE will ink deals with in 2024!

8. Riddick Moss


First up, a few recent departures.

Riddick Moss once seemed to have it made as a WWE midcarder with true upwards mobility. He shed the dad joke nature of his Madcap Moss gimmick to become a surprise breakout babyface, and it looked like he'd live up to early potential. Paul Heyman was also reportedly a big, big fan.

Something went wrong for Moss along the way. He became just the latest victim of a creative process that doesn't really scan the periphery - if you're not front and centre in the minds of company writers, then you're almost invisible to them. That can be a career death knell for many (as Moss found out).

Bringing him back for another spin isn't the worst idea. Riddick's talent hasn't evaporated overnight despite being released, and he has the kind of look WWE types will always be impressed by. Do not be shocked if Moss is back on the roster sheets come 2024.


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