8 Wrestling Bloopers You Have To See

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KAMALA Gene Okerlund

Even in the best of circumstances, produce ten billion hours of live television as WWE do, and eventually, someone's going to fluff their lines, utter accidental profanities, or otherwise have a big sign amusingly fall square on their bonce.

It's a bit of a problem for Vince McMahon, whose strive for perfection has been tediously documented to the extent of nauseum. Yes, yes: camera guys in shot, sneezing, we know. Errors simply cannot exist in his world, so it's somewhat ironic that he has manufactured one in which they are almost guaranteed. Giving a group of trained athletes, not trained thesps, several reams of barely human lines to deliver on a weekly basis will inevitably cause a slip-up. Heck, Lawrence Oliver would struggle to race through WWE dialogue without stumbling over it.

And stumble they do. Throughout the years, we've seen brilliant botches from even those most secure with a microphone in hand, from consummate pro 'Mean' Gene Okerlund to legendary promo and Immortal Racist Hulk Hogan.

Someone should do a monthly YouTube compilation of them all...

8. "I Do A Little F*cky F*cky."

It's a great pity Kamala, a Ugandan giant via Senatobia, MI didn't utter a word of English, honest guv', because as demonstrated by this set of outtakes from an alternative universe (unearthed by Twitter user Richard Land) there was a dry mirth hiding below the retrograde savage schtick.

Ribbed by Gene Okerlund as to why he'd missed a set of interview tapings in St. Louis, Kamala ironically replied - in perfect English - that he didn't know the language, so didn't read the memo. "I thought it was written up in Swahili by James Barnett," Okerlund persisted, only to be left dumbstruck by the ersatz African's hilarious response: "I do, er, a little f*cky-f*cky." Can't argue with that.

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