8 Wrestling Exceptions That Prove The 'Top Guy' Rule

The rule exists because world champions like these were so rare.

If JBL had to build a WWE superstar from the ground up it would look like Randy Orton. If Vince McMahon had to build a WWE superstar from the ground up €he€™d probably lock himself in the factory like Willy Wonka, play Q Lazzarus€™ €˜Goodbye Horses€™ on a loop and serenely walk into the lake of baby oil and muscled torsos.

The big man likes his men big. He likes them big, tumescent and rock hard. He likes them that way so much he€™s willing to give any guy with €˜the look€™ a golden ticket and near infinite chances to get over and become a top guy. This has led not surprisingly to the misconception that these bumpy, vascular fancy boys are predisposed to make it as top guys in the wrestling biz.

The criteria for top guys also demands obedience, malleability and marketability. The only game in town won€™t pull the trigger on a top talent unless they display a winning combination of these traits but some wrestlers who made it to the tippy top didn€™t really come out of that sycophantic, oily cookie cutter.

Here€™s a list of eight mold breakers that by their very existence highlight how ingrained this top guy convention is€and make you question its validity.

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