8 Wrestling Moves That Really Wouldn’t Hurt At All

From slams to submissions, there is just no way some of these finishers hurt.

Great Khali Charles

Sure, wrestling is all in the sell and, sure, there are a lot of moves in there that could do some legitimate damage, we all know that dropping somebody on their head is a pretty bad idea, health wise.

But, on the flip side, there are some moves in there that are just so unconvincing that not even Dolph Ziggler could sell them.

From slams to submissions, there is just no way some of those finishers hurt. Most of us can conceivably see how a flying kick to the chops might hurt, but the back of Hulk Hogan's thigh? Not so much.

To be clear, when we say "doesn't hurt", we don't mean that getting thrown through a table tickles and we discourage you from putting it to the test on your siblings, friends or lovers. But it's the kind of thing that if you saw happen to, say, a footballer, you would be shouting at them to get up and stop being such a drama queen.

So, which of our favourite moves are probably okay to try at home (but, you know, still don't)?


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