8 WWE Acts Who Would Be Perfect In The NWA

These current WWE stars would thrive under the spotlight of the National Wrestling Alliance.

NWA Revival

Since debuting on YouTube at the start of October, NWA Powerrr has gone on to become one of the single most enjoyable wrestling shows to have come around in years.

Taking the classic NWA aesthetic of the 1970s and '80s and giving it a slightly more contemporary feel, Powerrr is quite simply a fun wrestling show. And let's face it, in a wrestling landscape that sees fans complain about so many things, sometimes it's just great to have fun with a product.

The old school feel and 'what's old is now new' vibe of Billy Corgan's National Wrestling Alliance is a breath of fresh air that drags audiences in by nostalgia, yet then doesn't simply dwell on said nostalgia. While it's great to have memories of yesteryear brought back by the NWA, the organisation delivers an engaging and entertaining product that's based around great characters and solid in-ring action.

Key to the positive response received by NWA Powerrr, of course, is the NWA's impressive roster. And where that roster is concerned, the WWE stars featured here would all fit absolutely perfectly in the confines of the National Wrestling Alliance.

8. The Miz

NWA Revival

When you think of the classic National Wrestling Alliance of old, the image that comes up is of working class stars who were relatable, who weren’t necessarily jacked to the gills, and who more often than not were from the likes of Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma, or the Carolinas.

Basically, that’s everything the Hollywood glitz and pretty boy shtick of The Miz is not.

Still, Mike Mizanin is somebody who would blossom under the bright lights of the NWA Powerrr studio show setting.

Love him or hate him, The Miz can talk… and talk… and talk. Hand the guy a microphone, and he can talk a crowd into getting behind him or wanting to see him get his ass kicked. With the early NWA focus being on mic work and characterisation, Miz being given a live mic with no script would be gold – especially if he was allowed to work heel and take the holier-than-thou Hollywood route to run down some of the more everyman starts of the NWA, such as James Storm.

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