8 WWE Factions You Totally Forgot Existed

You remember the best, now look at the rest.

The Four Horsemen. The New World Order. D-Generation X. Evolution. The Shield. The Authority. Numerous factions have made impacts on the wrestling industry that could be described as nothing less than absolutely enormous, some even changing the way business is done. These stables are the ones that will forever be etched in the minds of fans the world over, immortalized as part of video games, toy lines, t-shirts, and video packages long after the talent who gave rise to them have moved on. This list is not about those groups, however. Rather, it's about those that only exist, at best, in the back of your mind, assuming you ever heard of them to begin with. For many fans, this list may even be the first (and quite possibly the last) time they ever hear of these forgettable factions as we gather here to pay them some sort of small tribute for at least trying. Note that for the purposes of this list, the faction in question must have at least three active wrestlers, and managers/valets don't count. For instance, as great as Hawk, Animal, and Paul Ellerling were, they weren't so much a faction as they were simply a tag team with a manager. Let's see how many of these factions you actually remember...
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