8 WWE Night Of Champions Results Predictions

Will Seth Rollins emerge with two titles, one title, or none?

Night Of Champions looks set to be one of the more unpredictable PPVs of recent months. Seth Rollins' unique double-defence situation has thrown up a wide variety of possible outcomes, while the identity of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose's tag partner has remained a closely-guarded secret. Elsewhere, Kevin Owens looks to prise the Intercontinental Championship away from Ryback, while the New Day face their most intimidating challenge yet, in the legendary form of the Dudley Boyz. In the divas division, Charlotte failed to prevent Nikki Bella from eclipsing AJ Lee's record reign this past Monday night, but has a chance for instant revenge in the form of a Divas Championship rematch. The only other woman officially on the card is Summer Rae, but not in a wrestling capacity. She'll be accompanying Rusev to the ring when he faces Dolph Ziggler once more, in the latest chapter of what must be considered a convoluted and disappointing feud. This Sunday will see all questions answered, but for now, here are predictions for each of the eight matches on the card.

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