8 WWE Superstars Who Were Never Eliminated From The Royal Rumble

In the Royal Rumble match, you don't always have to get tossed out of the ring to lose.

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A victory in the Royal Rumble match means WWE has big things in store for a superstar (sorry, Alberto Del Rio.) While not every Rumble winner goes on to capture the championship at the following WrestleMania - or even end up in the main event - winners can be proud that they have an accolade few others can claim. After all, there have been over 50 WWE Champions, but only 30 Rumble winners.

But winning the contest isn’t the only way for superstars to shine, as many wrestlers have found other ways to stand out in the marquee match.

Kane holds the most cumulative eliminations as of 2017. Rey Mysterio owns the record for most time spent in a single Rumble match. Kofi Kingston comes up with creative ways to avoid elimination almost every year.

Out of those fortunate enough to enter the Rumble match, though, there are some performers who make much less of an impact than they hoped - despite not being chucked out. Some are fed off as sacrificial lambs to other competitors. Some eliminate themselves unintentionally. And some simply don’t show up for the match at all.

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