9 Australian Wrestlers WWE Could Sign

Time to get to know some talented blokes and sheilas.

Kelly Anne

NXT has become the breeding ground for world-class talent in the WWE, recruiting from all parts of the globe. On their Australian tour, WWE held try-outs in Melbourne (as well as smaller tryouts in Perth and Osaka, Japan the week prior) in search of the finest Aussie wrestlers from the independent circuit.

Aussies are taking over. We've come a long way from Outback Jack in the late 80's, an abysmal by-product of the success of Crocodile Dundee. And let's skip over 2003's Nathan Jones. With Emma holding the distinction of the first female wrestler in the WWE, the 'Emmalution' did more than spark a fire under the women's division. She helped open doors for an influx of Aussie recruits, and 2016 has seen no shortage of true blue Aussies in NXT.

From Buddy Murphy, to Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, and the global sensations TM61, the land downunder has been uncovered. With Chris Atkins waiting in the wings, the recent signing of New Zealand's Evie, and rugby player Daniel Vidot confirming a three-year deal, NXT has quickly become a global brand, and representation is at its most diverse.

From the humble abode of this writer, here are 9 Aussie wrestlers WWE could sign.


Writer and broadcaster from Melbourne, Australia. Contributor for Vulture Hound Magazine UK and SYN Media volunteer.