9 HUGE WWE Survivor Series 2019 Predictions You Need To Know

Teams Of Five (and five, and five) Strive To Survive!


Has the build to Survivor Series 2019 been cathartic, or catastrophic?

Just 24 hours after a trailer revealed that NXT were going to be involved in this year's "Brand Warfare" for the very first time, Triple H brought the troops to SmackDown to well and truly deck the members of the blue brand that weren't trapped in Saudi Arabia following Crown Jewel the night before.

The circumstances hadn't been favourable but the outcome had - the top stars from the black-and-gold brand looked dominant over the SmackDown regulars, and the buzz was company-wide. NXT's Wednesday Night numbers trended upwards, whilst the promise of some of the stars returning the sh*t-kicking was delivered via AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Bayley before Triple H "left the doors wide open" on the go-home edition of the show leading to even more chaos.

Chaos was WWE's safety lever for the show yet again - for the fourth year in a row, no reason for the sudden t-shirt mandated fury was given, but all the fights continued regardless. Matches became maniacal triple threats, whilst the WWE and Universal Champions were kept out of the loop completely.

It's been mind blowing and head-scratching in equal measure. How now can WWE follow form of the last three years and deliver a pay-per-view that offers more of the former than the latter?


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