9 Johnny Gargano WWE Attires Inspired By Superheroes (And Their Hidden Meanings)

These aren't just comic book cosplays but deeply symbolic embodiments of his evolution.


It should come as no surprise that Johnny Gargano is a superhero aficionado given his prevalence for wearing comic book inspired attires at NXT TakeOver events. Taking inspiration from Marvel Comics' roster of super men and women, his outfits have evolved throughout all of his TakeOver bouts ever since the Brooklyn III event.

His outfits have continually featured some standard design elements like the skyline of his beloved Cleveland, Ohio on the front of his trunks, variations on his nickname like "Johnny Wrestling" or "Johnny TakeOver" on the back, and of course, his winking face logo. However, while retaining those features, each NXT special event has seen Gargano take unique inspiration from an apt superhero from the Marvel universe.

While the characters that Johnny chooses to embody for his marquee matches may seem arbitrary at first glance, there are deeper meanings to them all. Often, the outfits are reflective of not just the current feud he's embroiled in but also his mental and emotional state at the time.

With that, let's look at every superhero inspired attire worn by Johnny Gargano, and the hidden symbolism that each represents.


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