9 Most Athletic Monsters In WWE/WCW History

The scariest monsters don't live under the bed, they terrorize super-sized men in spandex.


WWE has long been called "Vince's land of the giants". Rightfully so, as some of the largest and most well-tuned athletes in all of the world regularly throw on baby oil, adorn spandex or speedos, and suplex the hell out of each other for our own entertainment.

Among these well-muscled freaks of nature there are gargantuan beasts capable of truly stunning feats of Herculean strength and athleticism. These superstars are more than mere mortal humans. They are exactly the monsters among men that they are portrayed to be in front of the millions of adoring and astonished fans they tour relentlessly for.

Capable of everything from mind blowing gymnastics, death-defying aerial assaults, and cat-like reflexes, to circus worthy feats of strength, these modern day Goliaths are truly spectacles that must be seen to even be fathomed, let alone believed.

We have compiled a terrifying list of the pinnacle of sports entertainment monsters and their jaw dropping athletic abilities, men who are absolutely massive yet night after night are capable of powerful, explosive, even graceful displays of athletic prowess and good ole fashioned wrasslin'.

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