9 New WWE Signings Revealed

The latest Performance Center acquisitions contain a few familiar faces...


With the quiet exception of Vince’s legal team, nowhere in all of WWE works harder for the company than the Performance Center. Happy 5th Birthday by the way guys, please send me one of those t-shirts.

It seems like not a week goes where we’re not reporting on the latest faces passing though their now famous doors. From massive names of the independent scene, the latest cross-over stars, ever returning veterans, WWE seems to put everyone through their paces there.

And as I’m sure you surmised from the title of this, this week has been no exception. No fewer than nine notable names have been officially unveiled by WWE as its newest class of recruits.

In their own words, they range from “one of the most lauded super-heavyweights of the independent wrestling scene to NCAA champions in basketball, gymnastics and grappling”.

Let’s take a look...

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