9 Old School Wrestling Champs That Could Make It In Today’s WWE

Would everyone still have a price for the Million Dollar Man in 2014?

Recently, a couple of friends of mine got married. They decided upon a theme wedding, that of, €˜what if all of history existed everywhere at once?€™ It was a unique concept, to say the least €“ and it encouraged some interesting outfits into the bargain. Later, as cowboys danced with astronauts, I €“ dressed as a WW1 fighter pilot - got to thinking about professional wrestling and what would happen if the concept were applied to it. Imagine, then, an NXT series where the all-time greats of pro wrestling were just staring out. A selection of hot young nobodies that was untested in the extreme and green as fresh cabbage. Who of these now venerated wrestling legends would survive, who would thrive and who would simply fade away, work the indies for a couple of years and then retire to little/no fanfare? To this end, I decided to pick out ten wrestling champions of the past that, I feel, would be at least moderately successful in today€™s WWE. If these celebrated old school champions were young again, strong again and had access to modern training methods, would they be able to hang with Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and the other stars at the top of today€™s faster-paced WWE? Read on to see who makes the cut...
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Ted DiBiase
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