9 Things We Learned From WWE Chronicle: Goldberg

Bro's next.

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Bill Goldberg disappointed a lot of people this summer when, presumably for money, not love, it was announced he was breaking his semi-retirement for a second time to square off with fellow quinquagenarian The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia.

Here was a proud Jewish man who could easily afford to say "no" to such an offer, instead opting to perform in a country where anti-semitism is openly promoted by the state. Keep in mind his first return was predicated on showing his son what a role model he once was.

The ensuing match was even more disappointing. In fact, it was damn near devastating.

The latest episode of WWE Chronicle, which dropped immediately after Hell in a Cell, puts Goldberg in the firing line throughout that debacle. It's perfectly clear from the outset that not only was Big Bill utterly furious with the farce, but that he's determined to make things right. We see his subsequent 'redemption' against Dolph Ziggler - and it's suggested that's only the beginning.

Who, um, is next for Goldberg then? We got a pretty bloody big hint in this feature - and it's exactly who you think it is.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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