9 Ups & 1 Down From Last Night's WWE Backstage (Jan 21)


1. 20 Years Later

Triple H

"We knew we killed it" is the sort of supreme confidence rarely heard from the always-affable Mick Foley, but his Royal Rumble 2000 Street Fight against Triple H remains continues to justify the self-commendation two decades on.

Triple H refreshingly referred to it as one his favourite ever matches during this snappy retrospective, despite rumours that have followed them both around over the years about his subtle reduction of Foley's crucial involvement in his progression. Good, too - this kicked off the greatest and most integral in-ring year of his career.

The featurette was high on match footage but a little low on insight, beyond the pair noting the shard of wood that trapped itself in Triple H's calf. Old footage (and the brief post-game chat with Renee Young and Christian) is always welcome on this show, but this one in particular felt like a wasted opportunity.

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